Have you ever had that one defining moment while playing your favorite board, card, or RPG?  We all have had those moments, and one of those moments is the basis for how EpicTurn got its name.  One evening during over a heated game board, we mentioned doing a podcast to discuss all that we love about the hobby gaming industry.  The idea for EpicTurn began that faithful evening.

We plan to provide an outstanding program filled with special guests, reviews, and all around entertainment for our wonderful listeners. 

If there is anything you want to hear on the show, please be sure to drop us a line. We are always looking for feedback so we can improve the quality of our little slice of the podcast-verse.

Your Hosts

Bryan McLemore

Bryan started his love affair with gaming as a child.  For more than two decades he's played games like Magic, D&D, and many many others.  There is a blog he occasionally posts an often technical tirade too, and he's been known to babble on twitter with a bit more regularity.

Tim Aldridge

Tim began his journey into hobby gaming as young lad after his mother bought him a copy of Dungeon and Dragons. The small taste turned into a rather large appetite. He began playing various TCG/CCGs,  RPGs, and board games to satisfy his gaming hunger. The hunger was never sated, and he continues to find new stuff in the gaming world. 

Twitter: @Telshin

Blog: www.telshin.com