#10: Sucked Right Back In

In our first normal episode since Gencon, we take a stab at doing our first game review. After some follow up on previous topics we break down Gravwell, a new game from Corey Young (@CMYoung) and Cryptozoic.

Follow up:

Gravwell Links:

During the episode we came up with a spontaneous rating system. Really should standardize these....


  • Tim gave Gravwell an A or 5 Stars
  • Bryan gave a 4 out of 5 or 5 Turkeys


  • Tim gave a 4 of 5
  • Bryan went with 4.5 Wombats


  • Tim rolled and decided on 5 Dice
  • Meanwhile Bryan thought it deserved 5 Chinchillas


  • Overall Tim gave Gravwell 4.5 Addiction Demons
  • Bryan settled on 4.5 Sphinxes

We're really not sure what these scales represent, but we love this game.

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